Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Hello my name is Peter and I am writing with reference to the site that has changed the way people talk now (FACEBOOK).

My concern is that the populas has become lazy and that no-one wants to sit down and talk face to face anymore, the art of conversation has gone.I sit in restaurants and pubs, cafes and watch people sit with there friends checking twitter, myspace, facebook and any other networking sites on there phones (HOW RUDE), it really annoys me especially if its the person I am sat with, it was bad enough when the mobile phone came out and everyone sat there texting, now they are multimedia phones which means that now they text ,message and chat on the internet, the problem is that this is ongoing what next.

I find the internet a useful tool for information purposes for work, school and contacting friends but I do not want a portable device to become my life, I want to live my life, and catch all the beauty around me in the world itself in full view with my eyes not via a laptop screen. I dont want people to wake up one day and look at there child and go where did the first 5 years of his life go, oh yes- I know where they were posted on Facebook (GET-A-LIFE).

Mark Zuckerberg/John Casey instead of profiting from people sad lives, should be looking to solve the paedophile problem, making the internet safer for children, stopping hate crimes and bullying via the internet and so forth but no they want to make even more money for what he cant spend everything he has now , so a challenge to you mark lets sort out the starving people in Africa and the world, and make the planet a better world to live on, make it safer, lets not just think of the bottom line (profit) lets think of the human-race/mankind, before the internet makes us all become robots.

How much is too much.......